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  • competitivess policies, it is their responsibility to work and cooperate with the g▓overnments, Barton added. According to a December 2009 McKinsey survey, a majority of executives and other business leaders do not regard their companies鈥檈ngag

  • ement with government to be effective. On the future development of China and the w▓orld, he suggested China to also look a

  • t exports to coun▓tries in Latin America and Africa while doing much with the U.S. and other western nations. "It'▓s lots of opportunities in these areas." Speaking of international trade and economic restructuring, he pointed out the world shoul

  • d get a better ▓understanding of the complexity of global economy, stressi▓ng "it's not one country competing with another."

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On Mckinsey's own development in face of globalization, Barton said, "It

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is a global world, we are not identified with one country, we are in every country. "We think▓ that the

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BEIJING, March 21 (X

re are a lot of global issues that we should be involved in, not just country issues." The China Develop

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ment Forum 2010, star▓ted Sunday, is sponsored by the Development Research Cen▓ter of the State Council


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and will end Monday. BEIJING, March 16 (Xinhua) ▓-- The following is the full text of the Report on the I

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mplementation of the Central and Local Budgets for 2009 and on the Draft Central

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and Local Budgets for 2010, which was sub▓mitted for review on March 5, 2010 at

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the Third Session of the Eleventh National People's Congres▓s and was adopted on

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March 14: Fellow Deputies, The Ministry of Finance has been entrusted by the▓ Sta

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te Council to submit this report on the implementati▓on of the central and local budgets for 2009 and the draft central and local budgets for 2010 for your deliberation and approval, and for the members of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) to provide t

heir comments and suggesti▓ons. I. Implementation of the Central and Local Budgets for 2009 The year 2009 was the most diff▓icult year for our country's economic development since the beginning of the new century. Under the firm leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC), the people of all our ethnic grou

ps took Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thought o▓f Three Represents as their guide, thoroughly applied the Scientific Outlook on Development, comprehensively carried out the central leadership's strategic arrangements, conscientiously implemented the pertinent resolution of the Second Session of

the Eleventh National People's Congress (NPC), implemented a proactive fiscal policy and a moderately easy mone▓tary policy, comprehensively implemented and constantly enriched and improved the package plan and the policies and measures for responding to the impact of the global financial crisis, and achieve▓